Electronic cigarettes Versus Tobacco Cigarettes

According to a Consumer Style Survey, as at 2010, more than one-third of adults knew about e-cigarettes. Vaping is rising in popularity. There are more than 500 brands of e-cigarettes. The best e cigarette reviews online highlight the pros and cons of each brand. You can buy an e-cigarette at a convenience store, supermarket or online.

Cigarettes Cause Death but not E-cigarettes

According to many studies, e-cigarettes are 95% safer than cigarettes. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the US. More than sixty years of science has proven that smoking is a dangerous activity.

Cigarettes Cause Cancer but Not E-cigarettes

According to a study by the St. Andrews University in Scotland, the cancer danger of e-cigarettes is less than one percent. It is almost as low as the cancer danger of nicotine replacement therapies like gum and patches. Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University says that this study puts to rest all the claims in the tobacco industry that e-cigarettes are carcinogenic.

A study published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) indicates that the tar present in tobacco cigarettes causes a wide range of cancers including:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Pancreas cancer
  • Mouth cancer
  • Throat cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Kidney and renal pelvis cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Cervix cancer

Cancer from smoking is because of the combustion of tobacco. The cigarette smoke forms a sticky chemical called tar. This chemical coats different parts of the lungs over the course of years. With time, the tar leads to tumor growth.

Cigarettes Are A Nuisance While E-Cigarettes Are Cool

The habit of vaping is cool. There are more than 7,000 flavors ranging from the exotic taste of tiger’s blood to the comforting essence of apple pie. If you want something that tastes like tobacco cigarettes, you can choose menthol and tobacco flavors.

Cigarette smoking will leave a bad smell on your clothes. It will also give you bad breath. That is not the case with e-cigarettes.

Cigarettes also cause harm to the people around you. Every year, many people die because of passive smoking. E-cigarettes are 100% safe to the people around you. Actually, some airlines, pubs, and restaurants allow people to use e-cigarettes. You cannot smoke cigarettes in an airplane. Even in a pub, you can only smoke in the smoker’s zone. Because of the harmful effects of cigarettes, local authorities have banned them in public places.

Smoking Versus Vaping during Pregnancy

Studies show that using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products during pregnancy will not cause harm to babies. Thus, it is sensible to conclude that vaping while pregnant will not harm the child.

However, use of tobacco cigarettes will damage the unborn child. According to the CDC, mothers who smoke are likely to cause tissue damage in the unborn child. The carbon dioxide in smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. That prevents the child from getting enough oxygen, which can lead to miscarriage.

Smoking can also cause ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight, stillbirth, and premature death. Some studies show that mothers who smoke while pregnant can give birth to children who have a cleft lip.

Cigarettes are more expensive than E-cigarettes

Cigarette smoking does not only ruin your health. It also leaves a dent in your pocket. By quitting smoking, you will save your health and save money.

In the US, a pack of cigarettes costs an average of $7. If you smoke a pack a day, you will spend more than $2,500 in a year.

If you choose a disposable e-cigarette, you will pay around $9 a piece. A disposable e-cigarette piece is the equivalent of 2.5 packs of cigarettes. Thus, you will spend around $1,300 a year. By reading e cigarette reviews online, you can find cheaper disposable e-cigarettes.

The price of a rechargeable e-cigarette ranges from $25 to $140. A pack a day smoker who converts to using a rechargeable e-cigarette will spend less than $600 in a year.

The Bottom-Line

E-cigarettes are healthier and cheaper than cigarettes. The toxicity of e-cigarettes is 450 times lower than the toxicity of cigarettes. It is better to use e-cigarettes than to smoke. In addition, vaping can help you to quit smoking. According to a number of top medical organizations such as the World Health Organization and Public Health England, e-cigarettes have a role to play in smoking cessation.

Common Reasons For Using Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes craze continues its momentum all over the world. Although they have been in existence for just over a decade, they have been able to garner a tremendous following. Countless people have tried e-cigs and millions use them on a daily basis. Governments are scrambling to regulate them while tobacco companies are being threatened by their meteoric rise.

This device originated in China where most of the current products are being manufactured. Users place flavored liquids inside which are then heated until they turn into vapor. This can be inhaled just like regular smoke but without many of the harmful substances. Scientific studies have resulted in mixed findings of the health benefits of vaping but people continue to use e-cigs for the following reasons:

1. To Quit Smoking

Most use it as a tool to finally quit smoking. This habit is notorious for being difficult to drop because of its addictive nature. Trying to do so induces anxiety with people shaking and getting cold sweat after a long period of abstinence. E-cigs are thought to be excellent crutches during this period of withdrawal because they provide a similar experience. Users can still grab something in their hands, put the device in their mouths, inhale smoke, and blow it out like they are used to. It calms the brain and reduces anxiety. A bit of nicotine is sometimes added to the liquids so that people can get their fix at a lower amount until they can finally live without it.

2. To Reduce Health Risks

Smoking is known to cause multiple health problems. Toxic chemicals are present in the smoke that passes through the lungs and gets trapped inside the organ. Over time, the lungs get clogged and become compromised in its functions. Things turn black and rot slowly from within. People get cancer and other crippling respiratory ailments. Even minor side effects of smoking can be a big turn off such as bad breath and yellow teeth. Those who have been smoking for a while will feel the effects. Many look for alternatives and electronic cigarettes certainly look attractive because they present fewer health risks. Of course, the best way to go would still be quitting altogether.

3. To Circumvent Smoking Bans

There are a lot of places in the world where smoking has become a big public policy issue. Critics point out the dangers that second-hand smoking poses. They argue that innocent bystanders should not be unfairly exposed to the toxic chemicals being produced by smokers. As a result, this activity has been banned in public spaces. This ban forced smokers to find creative ways to circumvent the ban. Some hid in private rooms while others turned to vaping. E-cigs are not part of the ban so they are able to vape in public without fear of being reprimanded by the authorities.

4. To Get a More Sanitary Alternative

The problems with traditional cigarettes go beyond health and policies. Hygiene is also an issue. The smoke has a foul odor because of the burned tobacco. This bad smell sticks to the clothes, the hands, and the mouth. Non-smokers can get grossed out by this. It is not exactly an ideal situation if you are inside the office or are attending a formal event. People will avoid you all day and night. E-cigs, on the other hand, burn liquids cleanly and can give off a fragrant smell. The flavors resemble the ones you see in a candy store with fruits, chocolate, and so on being offered. Though you should still be careful about blowing too much smoke as it can compromise the breathing of your non-smoker friends.

5. To Enjoy Vaping as a Recreational Activity

Some people get into vaping without ever being a habitual tobacco smoker. They simply like the experience they get from using electronic cigarettes. They use their e-cigs for recreation either by themselves or with their friends. For them, trying out different flavors is exciting and they look forward to new creations in their favorite shops. They love reading news and reviews. There are also collectors of different models from the older bulky models to the newer slim types that look just like traditional cigarettes from afar.

E Cigarette Reviews: Can I Trust Them?

It was 10 years to this day when I experimented with cigarettes for the first time in my life. Then, it was more about looking ‘cool’ than what it meant to me years later, which was, quite ironically, a way to cool off and ‘blow off some steam’. I did manage to quit smoking eventually, but not without a fight. Whilst a huge part of kicking a bad habit is about re-wiring your brain circuits to resist particular cravings, an equally significant remedy is to find alternatives. Yes, options. I tried it with my smoking habit -nicotine gums and nicotine patches- and it worked wonders. However, the e-cigarette is another route towards getting clean.

What Are E-cigarettes?

An e-cigarette is -as the name denotes- a battery operated device that delivers nicotine into your body electronically. Different from real tobacco that is set alight using an open flame, e-cigs take the form of a liquid which is ignited by electronic means. So rather than inhaling smoke, you take in a steamy vapor, which is why it is sometimes referred to as ‘vaping’.

The very first trials of e-cigs were designed to resemble a real cigarette, but these days you come across some really fancy designs.

How Do E-cigarettes Work

Basically, an e-cig is made up of the following constituent parts:

* A cartridge. This houses a solution containing liquid nicotine, a flavoring agent and other chemicals meant to speed up the conversion reaction.
* A battery. This is the all-important power source which, if it were a real cigarette, would be the match or lighter. This is rechargeable like an ordinary phone battery.
* A vaporizer or heating device.

Is E-smoking Healthier Than Regular Smoking?

There appears to be no easier way to say this, but for the sake of completeness, I’ll give it a go. The truth is, any kind of ‘alternative’ smoking is bad for you. For as long as there’s a combination of nicotine and unspecified chemical agents, it can’t be better. With that said, regular smoking is ahead of the pack when it comes to heart disease and cancer. When tobacco undergoes combustion a number of by-products are released. Nicotine is not the worst, however. It is the tar that is the chief culprit. It is a by-product which is non-existent when it comes to e-smoking. So yes, e-cigs are ‘less harmful’ but they can pack a mean punch as well.

When some brands were tested they were found to contain carcinogens(cancer causing agents), toxic chemicals like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde and toxic metal nanoparticles in the vaporizer. In comparison, e-cigs are less harmful, but they aren’t healthier either.

What is The FDA’s Take On E-cigs?

There have been calls by regulatory agencies like the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for the close monitoring of e-cigarette use, particularly among the youth. This came in the wake of scientific research into the potentially harmful effects of electronic smoking which, unfortunately, was inconclusive. So at the moment there’s isn’t any solid experimental evidence to prove that e-smoking is, in fact, less harmful to health than regular smoking. Like they say when in doubt, tread carefully.

In a press release dated May 5, 2016, the FDA announced that it has extended it’s jurisdiction to cover all aspects relating to e-smoking. The result was that smoking restrictions applicable to traditional cigarettes now apply to e-cigs, for example:
* no sale to persons under the age of 18;
* photo ID age verification when it can be reasonably assumed that a purchaser is below the age of 18;
* no distribution of free samples.

Who Can You Trust?

These are some of the measures being implemented to ensure that e-smoking doesn’t continue unabated.Sadly, there’s no telling who will heed the call. So I wouldn’t rely on reading e cigarette review columns as a source of information. Of course, some e-cigarette reviews are brutally honest, but you can’t really trust them. The FDA, however, is the best source of information and must always be consulted when you’re considering trying a new brand.

Nonetheless, e-cigs are smarter, smell better and truly helpful if you want to quit smoking over time.

Everything You Should Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have become quite popular because of the multiple benefits associated with them. Most people that use e-cigs do so because it makes long-term economic sense. Once you have purchased the product, you can use it for over two years and that cuts down on spending costs that you would otherwise have to deal with when buying traditional cigarette packets.

Statistics show that one of the most common causes of fire outbreaks across the world is open flames from poorly disposed of traditional cigarettes. This problem is dealt with effectively when individuals choose to use e-cigs as an alternative. Electronic cigarettes do not feature open flames and can be turned off easily.

While studies are still being carried out on the health benefits of electronic cigarettes, the truth is that second-hand smoking is largely reduced. Some studies have even shown that people that smoke e-cigs reduce the risks that are posed to their health significantly.

Another benefit of these products is that they boost an individual’s image. When people notice that you are smoking some of the latest models of e-cigs they are likely to be perceived you as an elegant person.

Tips for picking the best electronic cigarettes

Do some research – before purchasing any product it is wise to carry out some personal research first. Talk to friends, relatives or colleagues who have had the opportunity to smoke. Read through online reviews that have been posted by people from around the world to find out what they think about the products they purchased. Use the information you acquire from your research to narrow down the search to something that seems most suitable for you.

Do personal testing – while a friend or colleague may provide recommendations on the products they like, it is necessary that you find out what you like by carrying out personal testing. Try vaping different products before you make up your mind on the best. Keep in mind that what your friend likes may not quite suit your preferences.

Consider the costs – the amount of money you pay for any electronic cigarette must play a role in your selection. Luxurious products are obviously going to cost more than regular cigs. Take your time to compare the different products available against their acquisition and long term usage costs before you decide on the most affordable.

Think of the brand – e-cigs have been growing in popularity each doday which is why new companies are springing up and claiming to be offering the best products. Instead of getting lured by flashy advertisements, pay attention to some of the brands that people trust. Purchase products that bear the mark of such brands to ensure you are not getting low-grade units.

Think of e-juice options – some electronic cigarettes are designed in such a manner that you are able to refill them when they run out of e-juice. Take a look at the flavors that can be used with your cigarette before you make any purchases. To learn about the juices have a look at some of the best e-juice reviews online and in product magazines.

Features – different companies design their products with unique features. Those with sophisticated features may be more expensive than the ones that only have basic features. Take a look at the design of the products in the market and determine the one that offers the most useful parts for you.

Choosing the best online seller

If you are planning on buying e-cigs online you need to have a background check on the particular seller you are interested in working with. The seller should have been operational for a significant period of time and must have a good reputation.

Make a list of some of the sellers with a good reputation and compare the rates at which they are selling their products. Use the information to narrow down your search to the ones with the most competitive pricing.

Purchase electronic cigarettes from a seller that has put in place effective communication channels including live chats, email, and telephone contacts. It is equally important for you to settle on a seller that offers discounts and other rewards depending on what you are buying.

E-cigarettes And Why Are They So Popular

You might hate them you might call them dangerous exploding gadgets, but you cannot deny the reality that the popularity of e-cigarettes is increasing at a rapid pace. Things have changed a lot when the first electronic cigarette was manufactured in China. Nowadays individuals shun e-cigs manufactured in that country because there are no quality controls set in place, and the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. We shall discuss that later in this article.

Why people cannot give up smoking
Most smokers know about the thousands of toxic and deadly chemical compounds present in cigarette fumes, but they cannot avoid smoking it because of their addiction to nicotine. While this chemical substance is not too detrimental for health, about 40 of the other chemical compounds are very dangerous with a few one of them being carcinogenic in nature. To compound problems further, these microscopic sized compounds hang in the air of poorly ventilated rooms and endanger the life of your family members whenever they inhale it. Would it not be great if smokers had access to a gadget that released nicotine vapor without emitting the other deadly particulates? They can enjoy these benefits with the help of electronic cigarettes. Let us understand how this gadget works.

The functioning of the e-cig
This digital smoker’s delight consists of two different parts: the power supply and the atomizer unit. The power supply unit contains a red colored LED (light emitting diode) on its tip, an air sensor within its casing, an electronic circuit board, and a lithium ion battery, connected to the LED, the sensor, the circuit board, and the looped wire in the atomizer. The atomizer section contains an e-liquid cartridge placed inside a looped coil made of resistant metal. Air is pulled from the tip downwards, when the smoker puffs on this gadget, activating the sensor, which activates the power supply. This action causes the battery to send electric power to the LED, lighting it up in the process, and to the coil within the atomizer, causing it to heat up and heat the e-juice cartridge. Subsequently, the liquid converts to water vapor and vaporized nicotine that the smoker inhales. The glowing LED resembles the smoldering top of the traditional cigarette, enhancing the overall simulation.

Different types of models
Those who plan to start smoking electronic cigarettes for the first time should opt for the disposable model. It provides approximately 250 puffs before it stops functioning. It allows the user to test the taste of e-cigs of different brands and determine which one is best suited for them. The next logical step is to opt for the rechargeable model, which functions in the same manner as the disposable one but provides users with the additional functions like the ability to charge the battery once it drains out and to use cartridges containing different flavors of e-liquids and different nicotine strengths. It ships with a wall charger that smokers can use to recharge the lithium ion battery once it runs out of power

What about mods
Advanced users can also opt for mods, which allow users to modify the configuration of the e-cigarette. It also gives them the opportunity to select the size of the tank that stores the e-juice. These models also have controls that allow the user to change the voltage and wattage provided to the heating coil by the battery, allowing them to control the temperature of the coil. An integrated digital display unit displays the temperature, wattage, and the percentage of power remaining in the battery. Increasing the temperature of the coil generates more nicotine vapor and mist giving a bigger hit to the user.

Points to ponder when purchasing online
You should be very careful when purchasing electronic cigarettes from online stores. Avoid models imported from countries like China as most e-cigs manufactured over there are made from low-grade material and their circuits leave a lot to be desired. On numerous occasions these imported e-cigs burst in the face of the smoker because of a mismatch between the heating coil and the battery, putting extra load on the latter, and causing it to explode. Therefore, you should only purchase reputable brands, even if they cost more. You can find exhaustive information, including best electronic cigarette review on websites and forums dedicated to electronic cigarettes.

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